EECS 582: Advanced Operating Systems (Winter 2022)

While the course is titled “Advanced Operating Systems,” the course is more broadly about Computer Systems research: think OSDI, SOSP, ASPLOS, ATC, EuroSys-style work.


In this course, we discuss advanced topics and research issues in operating systems and more broadly in modern systems research. Topics are drawn from a variety of classical and modern systems areas such as kernel design, networking, security and protection, virtualization, heterogenous systems, and so on.

This course is a research-focused course. Students will work together in small groups throughout the whole semester on a novel, high-impact research project under the direction of course instructions, senior graduate students, or other accomplished researchers. Students will also read, review, present, and discuss many seminal and award-winning systems research papers during course meetings.

Students who take this course have a great opportunity to kick-start their research careers and make a lasting impact outside the scope of a one-semester course: for example, I have co-authored two papers (Agamotto, NDA) based on work done during the course of prior sections of EECS 582 (taught by Baris Kasikci); other PhD students in the CSE department also have co-authored papers with EECS 582 students.

Course Info

Course Webpage (contains the syllabus and student-accessible resources).

I am co-instructing EECS 582 with fellow PhD Candidate and Efeslab member Tanvir Ahmed Khan.